You make everything possible

There's an old saying, 'No money, No mission' so without you none of this happens!

Below are some examples of the impact you make possible through your fundraising. We'll try to keep it fresh with updates and different projects but we're pretty busy supporting you, so if it hasn't changed in a while let us know and we'll get on the case.



We don't care where the answers to MS come from, we only care that they come soon. By funding talented young researchers from low to middle income countries to conduct research at world class centres we are growing the next generation of MS researchers, and opening up the field to the best and brightest from around the world. MSIF is the only organisation in the world doing this, so help us find the people who could make the breakthroughs we need.

Thanks to your support, MSIF was also able to help establish the Progressive MS Alliance – a truly unique global collaboration of MS organizations, researchers, clinicians, pharmaceutical companies, and people with progressive MS – all working tirelessly to speed up the development of treatment for progressive MS.

With your support, we can now help to fund the discovery of new treatment options and carry out clinical trials; find ways to measure if and how someone's MS is progressing, or whether treatments are working; and better understand the effects of rehabilitation and treatment to manage symptoms and disability.

Access to treatment

MSIF is taking the lead on global issues preventing people accessing to effective treatment. Every country has its own challenges, but for low to middle income countries the situation can be severe and living without treatment can lead to irreversible decline and permanent disability that we know can be prevented with treatment.

To tackle this MSIF is working to get MS treatments onto the World Health Organization (WHO) essential medicines list for the first time ever. This will send an important message to governments and insurance companies that MS is a priority disease. It will be the first step on a long path to making MS treatment available to everyone and removing the barriers that mean many people live without any kind of effective treatment.

Informed decision making

When you understand the disease and your choices you are empowered to make informed decisions about your life and health. Living with MS is life-long so it is essential that you can play an active role in managing your disease, because it is fundamental to your quality of life.

Your support helps us to provide high quality, trustworth and free guidance and information resources for people with MS all over the world. We produce in every format and in a variety of languages, building on the best stuff our members have produced; and everything is done in partnership with people affected by MS and (where relevant) clinicians and researchers, so we know it is practical and useful.


To speak up for yourself, or on behalf of others, you need passion and to be armed with the best information. It also helps to be part of a global movement, so that your voice echoes around the world. MSIF is developing the knowledge base with products like the Atlas of MS and Seven Principles of Quality of Life, and building the global community through our flagship annual event, World MS Day.

Improving support for people affected by MS

Strong patient organisations play a vital role in the lives of people with MS. They provide services, campaign for change and raise awareness of the disease; not to mention offering a community so that people don’t feel like they are going through this alone.

MSIF works with MS organisations, big and small, to make them stronger and more sustainable. In the Middle East, Latin America and Asia we are also investing in emerging MS organisations so that, no matter where they live, people with MS can get the care and support they need."