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Run, walk, swim, cycle or whatever sporting challenge you want


Take on your own Virtual Challenge!

A virtual marathon, 10Km a week, or a month long challenge. Run, walk, swim or cycle. If you can think it, we can help set it up!

Your Against MS page enables accurate fitness tracking. You can easily connect to Strava and FitBit. You can even upload your activity manually.

Once signed up, or event experts will be in touch to discuss how you can do your challenge safely whilst raising plenty of money for MS. 

Your virtual challenge page enables easy sharing through social media and email taking the hard work away from.

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Take on The Million Steps Challenge

Grant was determined to set a challenge in lockdown to help with his MS. ‘I was walking and I thought 'I could do a million steps' and I said to my wife 'I’m gonna do this'. I did a million steps in 59 days. This is from a standing start because I didn’t like walking, I hated it. Now I feel great.’

By sharing his progress with family and friends, Grant managed to raise a fantastic £750.

Now it's your turn, take inspiration from Grant and take on the Million Steps Challenge. You can do it anywhere, invite your friends and you can track your progress on our fundraising page with Strava, FitBit or manually.

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Cycle the Length of your Country/State!

Sync your fitness app up to your Against MS page, to share your journey with your friends and family.

Get out and enjoy the wind in your hair, fresh air in your lungs and a sense of achievement that only comes knowing you are truly helping.

Or if you’re still shielding at home, break out your exercise bike and travel the country from your living room!

You can set a distance goal on your fundraising page and your supporters can track live updates.

Set up your cycle

Organise your own challenge

Let your imagination run wild and make up your own event.

The sky’s the limit!

The more challenging the feat – the bigger the donations you’ll get. Tell your story and share your fundraising page to get sponsored.

If your idea is really out there – you may even want to speak to your local paper or radio station to drum up support!

Organise a Charity Football match 

Charity football matches are becoming one of the most popular events to organise, and we love them!

The size of the match is up to you. You can do 5-a-side with mates, organise a tournament, team up with a club/company, and take over a stadium!

Whatever the size, we have a guide to everything you need to organise your Charity Football Match:

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Work Out to Kick Out MS!

Needing some inspiration to tackle those home workouts? Now’s the chance to turn it into a fundraiser for the ultimate motivation!

Commit to doing a workout every day for a month and give yourself specific targets. Hate situps? Challenge yourself to 100 per day. Can’t abide cardio? Tackle 1000 burpees a week.

Not only will your dedication help raise the funds to truly make a difference for those living with MS, you’ll be able to finally have the discipline to reach your fitness goals once and for all!

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What Alex did Against MS

“Each year a small team of us dedicate our time to fundraise for good causes. This year we chose to support MSIF because we also want to see a world without MS. My partner was diagnosed with MS recently and like so many affected by this disease we have been through all the ups and downs of diagnosis and then coming to terms with this condition. This year it was personal and every mile counted even more. We are proud to be able to raise some funds for MSIF's critical work in bringing together research, care and patient groups globally to improve lives affected by MS and ultimately reduce its impact”

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