The World Wonder Series

Our event experts have carefully selected some of the best events from the wonders of the world


Want to fundraise somewhere extraordinary?

Welcome to our new world wonder series.

We have selected events from around the world which feature an ancient wonder, a new wonder or a natural wonder. Whether it is the Great Wall of China, the Aurora Borealis, the Taj Mahal or Grand Canyon. We have the wonder and the event for you!

Featured Challenge

Discover this stunning scenery on this fantastic trekking challenge in southern Iceland, as we trek through a striking mix of geothermal valleys and beautiful mountain scenery, streams and waterfalls with our Northern Lights Winter Trek.

A land of incredible contrast and natural beauty, its wild volcanic landscapes, mountains, glaciers, hot springs, geysers and waterfalls, combined with its rich history, literature and folklore make it a fascinating country to explore.