Give something up

Quit that bad habit and support Against MS along the way


Give up a naughty habit or a luxury

What’s your vice, that not-so-healthy habit you can’t live without?

For many of us it’s chocolate, a glass of wine after work or coffee. For others it’s social media, smoking or fast food.

Could you last a whole month without it? It will be a tough challenge...Don’t worry we’ll support you every step of the way.

Give up presents for a special occasion

Do you have a special occasion coming up?

Could your gift this year be to go without presents and instead have friends and family donate to a birthday fundraiser?

Choose MSIF as your charity and create your Facebook fundraiser here and change the world for your birthday this year!

Donate what you've already saved

Have you found yourself saving money each week, now that you’re working from home or skipping your pints at the pub for trips to the park?

Well, why not donate the money you’ve saved to MSIF.

You’ve already done the hard work, now you can turn a negative into a positive by helping leave MS behind!

What Sam Did Against MS

"I started this challenge because several close friends of mine are living with MS and I reflected on how I am most careless with my own health, which has been drinking.

For that reason I took on the challenge of not consuming any alcohol throughout the whole year of 2018. During this time I also ran one or two events to make the challenge more inclusive to others too.

I am raising sponsorship donations for this challenge to give to the MSIF.

I managed to raise nearly £500 form people who were impressed with my commitment and I also donated money I saved from not buying pints."

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