Set up an online stream or even a gaming marathon! We have everything you need!


Streaming for MS

Streaming includes but is not limited to gaming, sharing passions and hobbies like online karaoke, fitness, sports, cooking, crafting and art. The possibilities are endless!

We have guides and the expertise to help you broadcast on your favourite streaming platforms and encourage friends, family and followers to donate and support people living with MS worldwide.

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A gaming challenge

Whether you’re a gaming boss, a newbie or looking to recreate a much loved nostalgic experience with friends, a gaming challenge can be a great way to raise funds for a world without MS.

Complete a speed run, a team relay or even a full play through. 

It could not be easier! Simply; set up your page, pick how long the marathon will last, select your team and promote!

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Your Guide to Healthy Gaming

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It’s important to look after your wellbeing when gaming and streaming! Read below for some top tips on how to stay well and safe when doing your gaming fundraiser

Make sure to take regular breaks:

  • If you are planning a long fundraiser make sure you take regular breaks to stretch your legs, rest your eyes and refuel. Why not set an alarm every hour to remind yourself.

Don’t overdo it:

  • Your fundraiser doesn’t need to be super long to be effective, why not try splitting up your gaming time over different days.

Stay hydrated:

  • Remember to keep drinking and eat well during your fundraiser to keep up energy levels.

Don’t overdo caffeine/energy drinks:

  • While these may seem like a helpful boost at the time, they can lead to a crash later in the day. Replace with a healthy juice and snacks packed with healthy energy such as flapjacks to keep energy levels high safely.

Get plenty of rest:

  • Don’t underestimate the importance of a good night’s sleep before your fundraiser.

Be mindful of your privacy:

  • Remember to not share any personal information on your stream as you could be interacting with strangers across the globe.

Be mindful of your safety:

  • If you receive any harassment or abusive behaviour from online users, make sure you block and report them. Just because you are online, does not mean you should tolerate any bullying.

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