Aussie Mystic Crystal...In honour of all whom fight against ms

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I am Against MS. Are you?

I am fundraising for the MS International Federation because I am Against MS.

I am organising my own event and by doing this I am powering breakthroughs in the world of MS.

Your donation will help provide vital funding to the global movement of MS to bring the world together to speed up the breakthroughs we need in MS research, improve the quality of life for people living with MS today, and work together towards finding a cure.

Against MS is the DIY fundraising initiative for the MS International Federation because as the leaders of the global movement we stand as one world Against MS.

Donating is simple and goes straight to the MS International Federation to help create a world without MS.

Thank you so much for your support.

From Aussie Mystic Crystals 

To my beautiful friend jojo keep fighting A.M.C we love you mate 

I am Against MS. Are you?

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Tuesday 01st December

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We stand together and fight together

Ms is something we can all work together
To find a solution no 1 is alone please help by donating today