How to Organise a Charity Football Match

Charity football matches are becoming one of the most popular events to organise, and we love them!

The size of the match is up to you. You can do 5-a-side with mates, organise a tournament, team up with a club/company, and take over a stadium!

Whatever the size, we have a guide to everything you need to organise your Charity Football Match:

First things first:

You have joined the world Against MS for your charity football match because we make it easy to raise money. That is your number goal.

You can raise money through the following;

  1. Asking players to pay to play
  2. Using collection buckets on the day
  3. Or, through a sponsorship page

We can even set up a fundraising league table for extra competition!

Whatever you decide to do, you will be funding our worldwide research into MS, our campaign to grant equal access to treatment in every country and improving support globally for people living with MS.

In Advance

  1. Select a venue. Whether it is a favourite pitch, local ground or a famous stadium, we are here to help. Contact our events team for a letter of endorsement, because this will help you secure a venue.
  2. Pick a date. This may be based on availability, so work with your venue on this one. Our top tip is to always avoid public holidays.
  3. Gather your team. It could be friends, family, colleagues or an existing team; get everyone involved in your event!
  4. Thinking about doing a tournament? Use our tournament generator
  5. Set up a fundraising page. That is why you are here, because we have the perfect platform for you! You can even create a team page so your teammates can get involved to.

For the Day

  1. Invite a local celebrity or person of interest, and invite the press (either could act as your referee). This will draw in the crowds and help you sell tickets.
  2. Promote your tournament and post on social media so everyone in your personal network knows what you’ve got planned.
  3. Order your events material from the MSIF team. We have t-shirts, collection boxes and more.
  4. Organise on-the-day activities. It could be raffles, lotteries, or stalls to pull in the extra cash.
  5. Recruit some volunteers to help out on the day.

Remember our events team is here to help; we can offer you guidance, and send out materials (unfortuantely we cannot be there on the day). Contact our Events Team

On the Day

  1. Take pictures of the event and send them to us! 
  2. Consider refreshments – people, especially the players, are going to get thirsty. You can also get local food sellers involved. 
  3. Set up a place for people to put in donations. We have the collection boxes for you! 
  4. Consider an event at half time to keep the players and fans engaged. Use this opportunity to talk about multiple sclerosis. 
  5. Add up the final amount raised on the day, and pay it to your page.