This year fundraise any way you like for international MS research and improving quality of life for people living with MS around the world. Create your idea and see it come to life with our virtual platform.

Ways to get involved

Take on a sporting challenge

Run, walk, cycle or whatever sporting challenge event you want to do to support against MS.

Organise your own event

Put on your own fundraising event for your friends, family, colleagues or community.

Sell Something! Anything!

You can sell something or you can buy something and donate to MSIF at the same time!

Do the World Wonder Series

Our event experts have carefully selected some of the best events from the wonders of the world.

Give something up

Give up a naughty habit or your gifts with the extra motivation of sponsorship to help you do it!

Do something daring

Jump out of a plane, shave your head or do a fire walk. Anything that pushes your limits...go on, we dare you!

Can't find what you're looking for? Got a great idea?

Fundraising Ideas 

Our platform is designed for you; meaning you can fundraise anyway you like!

Whether it is a charity auction, a football match, bake sale, run, cycle or challenge. Whatever you can imagine, with Against MS you can do. This is your "do it yourself fundraising platform" and our team of experts will help you make it a success! 

Click on the icons above to explore the various ways you can fundraising, or check out our Featured Campaign, PRA Cares. This incredible team organised their own cycling event and raised over €25,000!

Find Inspiration